Graduation Day

It was a perfect fall evening in September of 2018 when our world came to a halt. Our 8 month old son Rhett stopped breathing and was taken to our local Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Fort Wayne.

While there we discovered that he had refluxed and aspiration had caused his throat to close off oxygen. He then went into surgery to place a feeding tube in and a band around his stomach to stop the reflux and control the aspiration into his lungs.

Luckily we had a small device called an Owlet at home that notified us that Rhett’s oxygen levels had dropped below 80%. A year and 1/2 later we are walking out of our critical care Doctors office for the last time and feeding tube free!!! It’s been a long road and this little boy is the strongest person I know. He’s graduated and doing so well he’s no longer dependent on a feeding tube and is in the 50th percentile for his hight and weight.

Without our owlet and the Knox Blocks Foundation I truly don’t know where we’d be today. I will forever be grateful and will continue to tell our story in hopes to spread awareness.

Our babies need our help. They are to small to tell us when something is wrong. Be their voice and share the importance of having an owlet on every little foot.

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